Live and learn male chastity fetish

male chastity fetish
male chastity cock cage

The best orgasms ever, my small penis caged in a micro male chastity cage.

I have had a male chastity fetish for years and in my circle of friends I know many others that are both gay a straight practicing male chastity or who are male chastity fetish boys and girls. I’m sure there are plenty of guys with large cocks who have a serious male chastity fetish but most of my friends seem to have small penises as do I. Many of the girls and guys I know who want their partners to wear a cage say most of the men they know seem to have cocks on the smaller side. I can be raging hard sporting a five inch erection but post of the time my flaccid penis is under one inch and on the thin side I’m a real grower not shower!  I prefer to wear cages that are one inch long or smaller and I have a few that are right about half an inch in length. My boyfriend thinks the micro male chastity cages look best on me I have agree. Needless to say we both have a real male chastity fetish. When groups of us get together, some men kept as slaves and other like me that are either forced into chastity or willing accept it(that would be me) are out to showoff are cock cages. I always am wearing the smallest cages and everyone is eager to check them out, inspect them closely and even snap photos for friends to see.  One of my favorite things about wearing a male chastity cock cage for up to a few weeks at a time is how intense the orgasms are when I am allowed to take it off. Do you remember what it felt like to first time you had a serious orgasm? It was intensely beautiful experience one you will and have likely remembered in detail, one that is hard to duplicate. If I was to tell you that my orgasms after being locked up for weeks are even more intense than that would you order one right away? You might but let me first say that you don’t just slip on a cock cage and wear it for weeks. You start by wearing one for thirty minutes, next time an hour and you keep working your way up. I know people that are in cock cages for months, sometimes their master or mistress will change cages but there is virtually no sex. To keep their boys healthy prostate massage is performed weekly or multiple times per week so the pipe is get clean. The cock cages I wear are so small that they fit under a thong when I go to the beach without being noticed.

Is Male Chastity Fetish Real?

If you are wondering whether a male chastity fetish is real, you can stop pondering it right now. Chastity play as well as a way of life are very real. A lot of people do not consider it to be a fetish but these are the couples and individuals who simply do things in such a way that it can very well be turned into a fetish. For people with this particular fetish, the sexual experience and release is much stronger, more intense and all around better than an ordinary sexual encounter. That is, after all, what fetishes provide for people. They love the various sensations that their special fetish affords them and it makes it even more fun when they can entice their partner into playing the games with them. Nothing is more exciting than a fetish that really gets you going and makes it difficult to stop. You might even find yourself spending an entire night on your fetish. Now that is something to be amazed about, which you already know if you practice chastity as your personal fetish.

Changing your Life with a Male Chastity Fetish

Having a male chastity fetish is not something that will keep you from enjoying your life like everyone else. In fact, there are a lot of guys in the world that feel having this type of fetish makes their lives even better than all those poor souls that have never tried it. If you have never heard of this type of fetish, then you probably could not understand how locking your cock into a small cage could make anything better for you. On the other hand, for all those guys that know what a male chastity fetish is, they will be nodding their heads in agreement. Once you have been able to take control over that certain part of your body you will find that nothing can stand in your way anymore. The emotional aspect of being in that kind of control alone will have you smiling even through the most stressful of situations. But you will have to start somewhere and the best way to do that is to buy a chastity device and try it on. Once you have though, you may never want to take it off again.

Male Chastity Fetish

Nearly everyone on the planet has at least heard the term fetish but they may not totally understand what it means. For example, a male chastity fetish might mean that a man really enjoys himself by using a particular chastity device to play with. Something else that might be considered as a chastity fetish is to be in a relationship with someone who is the dominant partner. Being in a male chastity relationship does not have to mean that you have to live this way, although most men in this situation have chosen to be on this path in their lives. Therefore, it is a choice. It is also a lifestyle that brings into it all of the particular fetish ideas. That should be a topic that is discussed before entering a relationship. On the other, while it may seem impossible; men can also lead a chastity fetish lifestyle. That might be something that brings a bit more work, but you can still do it. You can also help yourself in finding the fetish or fetishes of your dreams.