Whether your male chastity slave has a small penis, something many chastity slaves have or a normal sized penis should not hinder you from forcing him to wear a new micro sized cock cage. Most slaves and owners view the slaves penis as worthless that is a tool that should not be used for sex one that should be kept locked away. Being a male chastity slave means enduring humiliation on a daily basis and there are very few thing more humiliating than making the slaves penis disappear using a micro cock cage. The most popular cage on the market for this is the Eunuch by Koalaswim.com. This designs fulfills its name be rendering the penis shaft invisible but fully locked away. For all real purposes the male chastity slave is penis-less when caged in this extreme design. He might just be as close to female as he truly should be.

The cage above is the world's smallest male chastity cock cage. It is called the Castrate and for good reason. The shaft is locked down and forced inside the wearer.

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So you have a male chastity fetish, there are worse things in the world and the truth is that chastity can be very stimulating and exciting. Did you know most men who practice and have a male chastity fetish do so on their on accord. Very few men are actually forced into male chastity by a wife, husband , boyfriend or girlfriend. Most find a master, mistress or a key holder to work with them on chastity training and do so as part of their lifestyle. 

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Male Chastity Fetish Gear

When you are in a chastity relationship, you are going to need male chastity fetish gear. There is a need for various items when you have this type of relationship with your partner. Whether you have a Mistress or a Master, you will always have a Key Holder. This is the person who takes charge of the key to your cock cage as well as any other items that need to be locked into place on your body. Most chastity partners typically have at least a couple of devices that have the need of keys. The chastity cock cage is one of these devices. Handcuffs is another one. The Key Holder will take any keys necessary to unlock a device and will continue to have control of them until such time as the partnership is dissolved or the Key Holder is giving you a treat by letting you out of your device along with allowing you to keep the key. Once you begin looking for chastity fetish gear, you will find that there is a totally different world out there.

Live and learn male chastity fetish

castrate the worlds smallest male chastity device